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Information for Instructors

Will someone come to my class to talk to my students about writing services?

We are happy to provide your students with a brief 10-15 minute introduction to our writing services! To request a presentation, please fill out our classroom visit form. If scheduling a visit doesn’t fit into the class schedule, we do encourage you to utilize our UWC and GWC videos. These can be embedded directly into Moodle or other class websites.

What occurs during a session?

The writing center is not a grammar fix-it shop or a proofreading service, but rather an opportunity for consultants to engage in collaborative conversation while working with students on their writing process. Consultants are trained to ask questions about the assignment, the student’s goal for the draft, and the student’s experience with writing. Student read through the draft with their consultant, most often out loud, so the consultant can provide feedback about clarity, organization, and focus. The goal of each session is to give the student choices about their work. The student is ultimately responsible for making any changes to the paper.

Do you have any online writing resources available for students?

We do! We have nearly 50 downloadable handouts about a wide range of genres and topics. Feel free to link to our handout page or include them on your class website.

How do I know a student used writing support services?

We do not send visit reports to instructors out of respect for student privacy. If the student wants documentation for a visit, they may request that the consultant complete a form documenting the visit. The ASC office will then contact the instructor.

May I require my entire class to use your services?

Please encourage your students to take advantage of writing support services; however, making a visit to the service mandatory for your entire class is not effective for the students or the program. We respectfully request that you not require your entire class to use the service. The Writing Coordinator is available to discuss ways to integrate information about our services into your class, including extra credit opportunities.

Can a student get help with a take home exam?

We will not work with students on a take home exam without your permission.