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1:1 Tutoring By Appointment


The Academic Success Center (ASC) provides tutoring for the following courses:

  • Biology 181, 183
  • Math 107, 108, 111, 114, 121, 131, 141, 231, 241, 242
  • Physics 131, 205, 208, 211, 212
  • Chemistry 101, 111, 201, 220, 221, 223
  • Accounting 210, 220, 280
  • Statistics 311, 312
  • Economics 201, 202, 205/ ARE 201
  • Genetics 311

1:1 Tutoring Appointments are now available for the first summer session through Tuesday June 18th.

They will be available for the second summer session Tuesday June 25th – Friday July 26th.

Orientation Video

Please watch the 1:1 Appointment Tutoring orientation video prior to scheduling your first appointment

You can schedule appointments up to 2 weeks in advance using:

Tutoring Expectations

Peer tutors work towards helping students become independent learners according to the following guidelines:

  • Students should come to tutorial sessions prepared:
    • having attended class and taken notes
    • with all necessary books and materials
    • having attempted homework and read assignments
  • The tutor is a successful student, but not a teacher or expert.  Though they are a good resource, the tutor will not do the student’s work and is not responsible for the student’s final course grade.
  • The ASC continually strives to improve our tutoring services through direct supervision of our tutors. Tutors enrolled in USC 210 are required to record a tutoring session while returning tutors are observed periodically. Please note that the recordings are seen only by the tutor and the course instructor. The sole purpose of both filming and observations is to improve the tutor’s performance.

Additional expectations for Zoom sessions:

  • Ensure you’re logged in via your NCSU account
  • Have your camera and mic on and be in a quiet area for the entire session
  • Make sure you are ready to screen share your course materials and attempted work

Attendance Policies

Students in all tutoring sessions should arrive on time, be prepared for the session, participate actively, and stay for the entire appointment. 

  • Schedule 30 or 60 minute appointments (maximum of 60 minutes per course per day)
  • Able to schedule an appointment up to 2 weeks in advance
  • Eligible to use up to 3 hours of tutoring/week per course
  • Each appointment is for only one student so the tutor can provide individual support
  • Students who cannot attend a scheduled appointment should cancel by 12 hours before the appointment by emailing or cancelling on the Navigate mobile app.
  • Please contact the ASC at (919) 515-3163 to make same day changes to your appointment. Requests to move the session from in-person to virtual must be made at least 2 hours in advance of the appointment.

Loss of Tutoring Privileges

Two cumulative appointment “no-shows” will result in the loss of tutoring privileges.

No shows will be received for the following:

  • Cancelling after the deadline or failure to arrive to the appointment
  • Staying less than 20 minutes for a 30 minute appointment
  • Staying less than 45 minutes for a 60 minute appointment
  • Attending more than two sessions unprepared
  • Failing to follow expectations for Zoom sessions

Questions? Please email the Academic Success Center or call 919.515.3163.