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Undergraduate Writing Center

Summer Session I 2024

Virtual Appointments9-3pm9-3pm9-3pm9-3pm9-3pm

Virtual appointments will take place on Zoom. All Summer Session I hours are VIRTUAL ONLY!

Schedule a UWC writing appointment up to 2 weeks in advance using:

Need help now? Browse our online resources.

Information Video

Please watch the Undergraduate Writing Center information video prior to scheduling your first appointment.

Session Expectations

UWC supports any actively enrolled NC State undergraduate student and is appointment only.

  • UWC is a peer-to-peer service, meaning you will work with a trained undergraduate student. Consultants are successful students, but not a teacher or expert. Though they are a good resource, the consultant will not do the student’s work and is not responsible for the student’s assignment or course grade.
  • The ASC continually strives to improve our writing services through direct supervision, including session observations of our consultants. In one such session observation, consultants may request to record a session to view their own performance. Please note that these recordings are seen only by the consultant and their direct supervisor. The sole purpose of both recording a session and session observations is to improve the consultant’s performance and skills.

Our writing consultants can assist students with:

  • any stage of the writing process (overcoming writer’s block, brainstorming and organizing ideas, reading through a draft, and revising)
  • a wide range of materials (course assignments, personal statements for scholarships or applications, job application materials, and more)
  • group papers or projects (all group members must be present)

We are unable to provide:

  • Microsoft Office, Google Suite, or any other technology support
  • Editing or proofreading services

Additional expectations for Zoom sessions:

  • Ensure you’re logged in via your NC State account
  • Have your camera on for the duration of the appointment
  • Make sure you can screen share your materials

Appointment Policies

Students in all writing sessions should arrive on time, participate actively, and stay for the entire appointment.

Students may:

  • Schedule 30- or 60-minute appointments (maximum of 60 minutes per day)
  • Schedule up to 2 weeks in advance
  • Book up to 3 hours per week

Students must:

  • Cancel 12 hours or more before the appointment time by emailing or cancelling on the Navigate mobile app.
  • Contact the ASC at (919) 515-3163 to make same day appointment changes. Requests to move the session from in-person to virtual must be made at least 2 hours in advance of the appointment.

Loss of Tutoring Privileges

Two cumulative appointment no-shows will result in the loss of tutoring privileges.

No-shows will be received for the following:

  • Failing to arrive to the appointment
  • Cancelling after the 12-hour deadline
  • Staying less than 20 minutes for a 30-minute appointment
  • Staying less than 45 minutes for a 60-minute appointment
  • Failing to follow expectations for Zoom sessions

Questions? Please email the Academic Success Center or call 919.515.3163.