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Weekly Group Tutoring

Weekly group tutoring is for students who are interested in weekly group study sessions facilitated by a trained tutor. Group tutoring sessions are collaborative and give students the opportunity to work with students taking the same class from the same professor.

Group Tutoring Courses

  • Math 141, 241, 242
  • Chemistry 101, 221, 223
  • Physics 205, 212

Time Commitment

Weekly Group Tutoring is a 1 hour/week time commitment. Students may request a group assignment for up to 2 courses.

Group Size

Groups consist of 3-5 students and are led by an experienced tutor.

Requesting a Weekly Group Assignment:

Interested in requesting a group assignment? Watch the orientation video below and then complete the request form!

Please watch the Group Tutoring orientation video prior to completing an application.

Click here to request a Group Tutor.

Group tutoring sessions will begin after the first week of class. You will receive an email if/when you are matched with a group. Applications close on March 3rd at 5pm.

Questions about Weekly Group Tutoring?

Email the Academic Success Center or call 919.515.3163.