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SI Schedule

Please Note:

  • You do not have to come at the beginning of a session or stay until the end.
  • If possible, attend the SI sessions listed for your instructor as these sessions should provide the most assistance.
  • If you are unable to attend scheduled SI sessions or if your instructor has not been assigned an SI Leader, you may attend any of the sessions offered. Please note that SI sessions are catered to that specific instructor’s course materials and pacing.
  • You are also encouraged to utilize other available services through the ASC.

Spring 2024 SI Session Schedule

Click on your SI Leader below in order to view their session schedule!

Tuesday, April 9th: Bobbie (CH 101 – Kramer); Alexander (PY 205)

Wednesday, April 10th: Olive Ann (CH 221 – Chiechi); Evans (CH 223 – Chang)

Thursday, April 11th: Alex (CH 223 – Proulx); Evans (CH 223 – Chang)

Divya Ghantae

CH 101 – Sections 002 & 003 (Instructor: Varner)

Bobbie Brewer

CH 101 – Section 004 (Instructor: Kramer)

Rachel Edwards

CH 201 – Sections 001 & 002 (Instructor: Fowler)

Olive Ann Parker

CH 221 – Section 001 (Instructor: Chiechi)

Alex Martin

CH 223 – Section 002 (Instructor: Proulx)

Evans Humphreys

CH 223 – Sections 003 (Instructor: Chang)

Alexander Gomez Garcia

PY 205 – Sections 003, 004 & 006 (Instructor: Lewis)