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Tutoring and Mentoring

Courses We Tutor

The ASC accepts tutoring by appointment applications for most 100-200 level math, physics, and chemistry classes. The ASC works to find qualified tutors; however, the tutor pool changes from semester to semester and there may be shortages of tutors in some courses.  Students may request individual tutoring if they are enrolled in the requested class(es) for credit (no audits) and have satisfied prerequisite courses and/or are enrolled in co-requisite courses.

The ASC Mission

In adherence with the Academic Success Center’s (ASC) mission, peer tutors and mentors work towards helping students become independent learners.

  • The student agrees to come to tutorial and mentoring sessions prepared: having attended class and taken notes, with all necessary books and materials, having attempted homework and read assignments. Coming unprepared more than once will result in the student being charged with a no-show.
  • The tutor/mentor is a successful student, not a teacher or expert, will not do the student’s work, and is a good resource, but not responsible for the student’s final course grade or GPA.

Tutoring and Mentoring Programs